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I'm your basic otaku who loves anime and manga too much for her own good. I love anything fantasy and detest most mecha and sci-fi. I am a hopeless fan fiction addict and I spend hours everyday either writing or reading fan fics or both. My favorite animals are turtles and I want to be a herpetologist someday. I act relatively normal most of the time but I get super-hyper when reading fan fics. I have an odd sense of humor, odd as in I don't find somethings funny that others do and I find things to be hilarious that others just don't get.

My fan fiction fandoms that I follow are Final Fantasy 7, Rurouni Kenshin, Hellsing, and Labyrinth. I am a shipper of KenshinKarou, IntegraAlucard, JarethSarah and AerisSephiroth. I detest AlucardSeras, CloudAeris, CloudSephiroth, JarethOC, non RK cannon, any main character OC pairings in general and all slash.

I write FF7 and Labyrinth fan fiction. I have two accounts on fanfiction.net, one for each fandom I write in. Whiteinfinity21 is for my Labyfics. turtlerad17 is for my FF7 fics.

and yes all those turtle ID pics I made myself. Took way too long if you ask me.